Upstairs at the Van Dyke is a live music lounge and event space on the second floor of the historic Van Dyke Café’s overlooking Lincoln Road. Offering a warm and welcoming interior, Upstairs at the Van Dyke is the perfect place for enjoying live music, socializing and hosting your next event.


Tue 03/12

RANDY SINGER’S “AIRPLAY”  New beat and original American songbook TENACIOUS D AT THE

Wed 03/13 

Pop-soul hooks and funk-jazz influenced arrangements defy generally held notions of what Cuban music is

Thu 03/14            

BOBBY STRINGE  Extraordinary soul and R&B;

Fri 03/15 TONY SUCCAR y el grupo MIXTURA LATINFunky salsa and merengue party 

Sat 03/16 

CUBAN SOUL NIGHTSA great night of traditional Cuban music, full of boleros, guaguanco and rumba rhythms 

Sun 03/17 

TANGO CONSPIRACYNew York and Miami based musicians led by Jimena Fama captures and blends heart and soul of tango 

Mon 03/18 

ROOSEVELT COLLIER TRIO & SPECIAL GUESTSacred steel funk soul review