Sourcing the right coffee beans, grinding them to the correct texture, tamping the ground beans just enough to brew the right amount of flavors are just of the many factors that affect the taste of your coffee. And I won’t be exaggerating if I say people are willing to micromanage all of these just to get that flavor right. Because hey, a good cup of coffee gives you a good start to the day and who doesn’t want that?

I started blogging here to address this very concern. I have spent years trying to perfect my coffee and I’m fairly consistent at it now. It’s not like my coffee turns out good one day and it never happens again for a week or so. And now that I’ve fairly mastered it, I want others to know about it without having to spend all this time. I research and bring to you the most reliable information on all things coffee, test and review new and old, domestic and commercial coffee makers to pass a fair verdict over them and some times rant about the weather xD

Please feel free to write to me if you have any queries that you’d to have addressed personally. You may reach me at [email protected]