Best Wood For Pizza Oven

Best Wood For Pizza Oven

According to a current survey, pizza is America’s preferred food. Containing round baked dough topped with sauce, cheese, meat and veggies, it’s an unbelievably functional recipe that can be prepared in many ways. Nevertheless, you’ll need two things to prepare delicious pizza likes the pros: a timber terminated pizza stove and the best cooking timber. When you’ve understood the art of utilizing a woodfired pizza oven, you’ll be able to professional-quality pizza from the convenience of your residence.

In this write-up, we’ll discuss the essential differences between great firewood and also poor firewood, and also how the quality of your firewood will impact the cooking experience, along with the flavor as well as the appearance of the pizza.

Woods to Prevent When Food Preparation in Wood Fired Oven

Not all wood is fit to make use of in a wood terminated stove and also not all firewoods add to the tasty blends of timber discharged cooking taste.

Food preparation in a woodfired oven is a healthy and balanced option, so don’t negate that by utilizing firewood that is dangerous to your health and wellness. Laminated woods, pressure dealt with as well as painted woods or any kind of timber that has chemicals are never to be used in a woodfired stove.

Why does this matter?

These woods have dangerous chemicals that can be hazardous. Also, avoid woods that have high sap content, like pine. Sap produces soot and creosote, which coats the oven floor and misbehaves for human beings. This is specifically important when using various woods in industrial wood terminated pizza stoves.

Does Dampness Affect Wood Fired Cooking?

Did you understand that the dampness content of your firewood affects not just your food but likewise your woodfired oven? YES, it does! The suitable moisture web content of the very best timber utilized in wood-burning stoves is 20% wetness. This means that under-dried or over-dried woods are not recommended. There should be a wonderful balance, not as well dry but not eco-friendly timber.

Ideal Wood for Pizza Stove

Now that you understand the types of wood that you do not wish to make use of, you may be asking “what is the best fuel for pizza stoves”?

The best woods for food preparation are seasoned and also dried out woods. Hardwoods, which typically include wide leaves on the trees, are a far better choice than softwoods, which usually have needles and also cones.

One reason woods are better for cooking in a pizza oven is that they are cleaner as well as last longer than softwoods. The best examples of wood are maple, Oak, ash, hickory, walnut, birch, as well as beech.

That’s not all …

If you enjoy the fragrant result timber has on your food, then fruitwood is very suggested and can significantly affect your dish. Fruitwood, as the name suggests, comes from several fruit-bearing trees.

Fruitwood consists of apple, cherry, plum, almond, pear, hickory, maple, pecan, mesquite, chestnut, avocado, alder, apricot, and also nectarine. These timbers can contribute to the taste of your next supper!

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1. Beech (Fagus spp.)

Beech (Fagus spp.)

Beech is the most commonly utilized kind of timber for a pizza stove in Italy. European beech or common beech (Fagus sylvatica) is an extremely typical tree throughout Europe. In Italy, beech has a typical name “Faggio”.

Like other woods, also beech needs a high temperature for ignition. Yet, dry beech catches fire rapidly, as well as it sheds with a dynamic as well as a huge flame.

Beech coal is not so extensive as oaks; however, they’re still perfect. After all, beechwood is the primary basic material for charcoal production.

The weakness of beech firewood is its susceptibility to bugs and also beetles, specifically if it’s cut down at an incorrect time (when the sap material is high).

Beech eco-friendly timber has an extremely high dampness content (90%), so you must season it well before using. Luckily, it dries out quickly so in one year can be thoroughly experienced.

“Beechwood fires burn intense and also clear,

If the logs are maintained a year.”.


  • Big and also vibrant fire.
  • An excellent amount of ashes.
  • Fragile bark (7%).
  • Without tannin.
  • Easy to divide.
  • Quick seasoning (8-12 months).
  • Good accessibility.
  • Budget-friendly price.


  • The high water content in greenwood (90%).
  • Sensitive to climate condition, bugs, as well as beetles.

There’re numerous reasons Italians take into consideration beech as the most effective wood for a pizza stove. Beech firewood is conveniently accessible, and the cost is affordable. It’s very easy to divide, and it dries out quickly.

As well as most significantly, well seasoned as well as properly saved beech pizza oven timber has excellent burning homes.

2. Oak (Quercus spp.)

Oak is the second most popular firewood for a pizza oven in Italy. There’re several oak species in Italy; however the most preferred is Roverella (Quercus pubescent), which is a species of white Oak.

Like other oaks, likewise, Roverella has a thick timber as well as high heat value. Yet, it’s also very preferable in a wooden sector; so the price of Oak is quite high.

Oak doesn’t catch fire as beech, and the flame is not so dynamic as well as intensive. It melts gradually as well as additionally offers the best amount of hot coal.

In pizza stoves, Italians usually make use of Oak in the initial stage of firing to warm up the stove. After warming up the oven, they make a bed of coal over the food preparation flooring to charge the collected warmth.

In the later stage of pizza food preparation, cinders placed on the side of the oven function as a continuous source of heat. Naturally, likewise, Oak should be quite possibly seasoned. Or else, it doesn’t ignite and also, it might make smoke and soot also.

Because of its attributes, Oak is excellent additionally for cooking as well as slow-moving cooking with ashes or little fire.

” Oaken logs, if completely dry as well as old,

Keep away the winter season’s cold.”.


  • Resistant to weather as well as insects.
  • Long-lasting burning.
  • The substantial quantity of warm ashes.


  • Difficult to divide.
  • Very thick bark (> 20%).
  • High tannin content (specifically in a red oak team).
  • Slow-moving seasoning (24–36 months).
  • High rate.

It takes a lot of time to dry it, but once well-seasoned, Oak is an excellent fuel for pizza ovens. Oak burns slowly and gives a lot of embers.

Great for low-flame cooking designs. Some pizzaiolos blend oak with other timber species like beech or ash, which ignites much easier.

3. Hornbeam (Carpinus spp.)

Hornbeam (Carpinus spp.)

Hornbeam is typically pizza oven firewood in Italy. Due to its thick wood and high warmth worth is taken into consideration as a more affordable replacement for Oak.

There’re 2 varieties of Hornbeam in Italy. Carpino Bianco or Carpine (Carpinus betulus) with smooth bark which expands quicker, and also Carpino Nero or Carpinela (Ostrya carpinifolia) with normally fractured bark.

Carpino Nero expands gradually, which leads to very thick, heavy, and wood. Splitting of Ostrya carpinifolia can be a genuine challenge, particularly if it’s dry already.

Of course, well-seasoned hornbeam is premium firewood. It sheds slow-moving however well, with medium flame and gives a great deal of coal.

Hornbeam is extremely appreciated as a result of its high warm value, fire, and also the right amount of embers.

Because of its high density, spices of hornbeam takes a great deal of time, two years at least.

As well as, splitting of hornbeam is not an easy task, especially a Carpinella (Ostrya carpinifolia) can be though indeed.


  • Delicate bark (7%).
  • Lasting burning.
  • The substantial quantity of warm ashes.


  • Extremely difficult to split (especially Ostrya carpinifolia).
  • Sluggish flavoring (24– 30 months).
  • Conscious weather conditions.

Hornbeam is a more affordable option to Oak. It burns sluggish; however, it gives a great deal of heat and coal. If possible, get split and dry hornbeam, since seasoning takes a lot of time and also splitting of hornbeam might be a genuine pain in the ass.

4. Ash (Fraxinus spp.)

Ash is not so well-known as pizza stove firewood as other woods provided above. Still, lots of think about ash as one of the best varieties for firewood.

Furthermore, ash has a low dampness web content (approx. 50%), it’s uncomplicated to split, and also it dries out fast. Ash burs with a bright, medium-size fire and also gives a lot of heat.

They’re even more types of ash in Italy, the most common is Frassino maggiore (Fraxinus excelsior), which is the additionally most significant.

The main reason why ash is not so widely utilized as firewood is due to its considerable industrial use. Due to its toughness, ash is excellent for baseball bats, chairs, and also various other woodwork.

Between Ages, in England, Ash was referred to the King’s wood. Perhaps because of, it’s exceptional burning buildings, but ash was additionally a favored product for English longbows.

” Yet ash-wood green and ash-wood brownish,

Are suitable for a Queen with a golden crown.”.


  • Outstanding resistance to water and also weather condition.
  • Low water web content (approx. 50%).
  • Easy to divide.
  • Fast flavoring (8-12 months).
  • Good burning.
  • High heating worth.


  • Not widely readily available.
  • Rather thick bark (14%).

” Yet ash-wood wet and ash-wood completely dry,

A King might heat his slippers by.”.

Ash is perfect firewood for a pizza stove. It’s easy for splitting as well as fast for spices. It melts gradually and not as well fast. If you can obtain some, it’s rewarding to attempt without a doubt.

5. Olive (Olea spp.)

Olive (Olea spp.)

Olive timber is thought about one of the most useful firewood for pizza stoves in Italy.

The olive tree expands very slowly. Therefore the timber is very thick, and also the high density of wood goes together with solidity. Moreover, olive wood is sturdy, much harder than Oak.

Thick timbers frequently don’t melt effectively; however, olive timber has oil, so it makes a great fire without snapping and after that a lot of hot embers. Additionally, the oil from the olive timber releases a delicious fragrance at the start of the burning.

Sadly, olive firewood is scarce even in Italy, one of the best producers of olives. As a result of its solidity and the beautiful framework, olive timber is very desirable in the production of furnishings and also sculpting.

Thus, the price of olive wood is very high, and also it’s challenging to locate the olive trunks. Well, if you manage to discover the olive firewood, it’s better to acquire billets that logs.

Specifically, a splitting of olive timber is a hard task as a result of its hardness and knotty framework. And also, if you do not have sufficient experience as well as the right tools, splitting might be rather challenging.

Due to its high thickness, olive wood requires fantastic spices, a minimum of two years. Otherwise, you’ll not make use of this stunning timber.

Maybe it’s less complicated to obtain branches from pruning. Naturally, if you live in the area of the olive groves.

Nonetheless, the high quality of firewood from branches is not equivalent to the trunks. Anyway, it’s worthwhile to try if you have an opportunity.


  • Superb burning buildings.
  • Excellent fire.
  • Long-term burning.
  • Vulnerable bark (6%).
  • Burns with a stunning fragrance.


  • Really uncommon.
  • Really slow flavoring (24–36 months).
  • Tough to work with.
  • High price.

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