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Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 49976 Review

There is nothing more special than a perfectly brewed fresh cup of coffee in the morning. What if there was a way to make it the right way, the perfect brew? Presenting the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew, A coffee maker that will help you make the perfect cup of coffee that will refresh your nervous system and revitalize your brain and make you all set to conquer the day.

Hamilton Beach are well-known in the American market for their specializations in kitchen appliances, ranging from toasters, cutlery and so on. But it is with no doubt that the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew is one of the best coffee makers that you can get your hands on.

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 49976 Review

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 49976 Review

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew is equipped with latest technologies and design elements to make sure that it is the perfect fit to your coffee needs. The 2-way coffee maker from Hamilton Beach will help you make almost 12 cups of coffee or even a single cup, according to your needs. With the latest auto drip technology integrated into the device, it will make sure that you are greeted with the best cup of coffee every single morning. The device is elegantly designed and fabricated to make sure it completes the purpose and also add a décor element to your kitchen or wherever you use the device.

Pros and Cons of the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew


  • It can brew either a full pot of coffee that can hold up to 12 cups or also brew a single cup.
  • It is smartly designed and elegantly fabricated adding an aesthetic presence.
  • It has the K-pod compatibility making it a highly compatible device.
  • It has the pod piercing assembly tool which will help you in cleaning and maintaining it well.
  • Auto Shut-Off feature to help you save electricity.
  • Has a brew strength selector to help you brew the perfect cup according to your preference.


  • A bit noisy for quiet places

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Why Do We Recommend the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew (49976)?

We look for the best coffee makers in the American Market and make sure that every product that we come across has the best in class features to serve the purpose.  Some of the features that we found in the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew is one of the major reasons as to why we are recommending it to you

1. Convenient Cleaning

Let’s face it, the common trouble that we have with any kind of coffee maker is the cleaning part. Sometimes coffee makers tend to clog up under frequent usage. However, to prevent all the strain in cleaning you coffee maker, the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew is devised with a smart component, the pod piercing assembly tool, that will help you with the cleaning process and the best part is that it is integrated in such a way that the coffee maker doesn’t get clogged. Unlike manual coffee cleaning rituals with the likes of cuisinart, you need not spend hours doing the chore with this one. This very tool will also help you in making sure that you clean the coffee maker in the proper way, the easy way. Nothing is longer than a well-maintained coffee maker.

2. K-pod Compatible

Any product that you buy of from the market must be compatible to your needs and requirements and that is exactly what the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew offers to you. The device comes with a system where it can be adjusted with your basic K-Pod to brew your perfect cup of coffee. The K-Pod compatibility gives the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew a strong competitive edge to other similar coffee makers in the market that do not offer this feature. It would always be smart to go with a device that can be adjusted according to your existential setup and that is exactly what you will be getting with the K-pod compatibility of this device.

3. Fully Automatic Operation

Automation is a way of life now and that is what each and every aspect of the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew offers to you. The coffee maker is attached with a digital clock interface through which you can program the coffee maker to brew your perfect cup of coffee before 24 hours in advance. This very feature will save you a lot of time and the features do not stop there. Alongside this model, there are quite a few fully automatic coffeemakers that can even grind fresh beans in batches right before brewing. These variants are profoundly known as grind and brew coffee makers.

It also has the Auto-pause feature in which the brewing will stop if you want to pour yourself a hot piping cup of coffee in between. To make sure that it is energy-efficient, it has an auto cut-off feature that will cut of on its own within two hours after brewing.

4. Two-way Brewing

One of the showstopping feature of the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew is the Two-way brewing feature that has been pushing the sales of the product. The coffee maker has two serving sides, where one side can brew coffee to fill a full pot and the other one can brew a single cup of coffee. Now this is a great device in an office environment especially, where your need is more than one cup of coffee at a time. This very feature is very useful to maximise productivity of the machine as well. So, with the Hamilton FlexBrew 2-way coffee maker, you will never run out of a piping hot cup of coffee when you need it the most.

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Problems with the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew

The very common problems that are being reported is the common case of overflowing coffee in the single cup brew mode. Well this can be easily solved by filling the water in the water chamber to the fill mark. Going beyond the spill mark is bound to lead to overflowing.

The other common problems include the viewing angles of the digital clock on top of the machine. Well this one is quite common in all types of coffee brew machines that you see and the trick is to place the machine in a dim-lit place like under a cabin to reduce the exposure.

People have also been complaining about the loudness of the machine. The machine is designed to keep the sounds to a limited decibel, but if you find it unusually noisy, it’s optimum to get the machine looked up for maintenance.  

Verdict – Is it worth the cost?

Well, there are a lot of factors and features that you need to bundle in before you decide with the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew and from our point of view, the machine covers all the basic mid-range features that a coffee maker must have.

Overall, the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew will make sure that you get your perfect morning cup of coffee brewed to perfection. When compared to the features of the rivals of the coffee maker, we wouldn’t say it is the best coffee maker but is definitely equipped with the features that you would need in a coffee maker to get your requirement done at a pocket-friendly budget.

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